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B3 Methodology

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Most of us think these are three separate components.


Go to work, the library, or therapy to train our Brains.

Go to the gym or play sports to train our Bodies.

Don’t even think about our Breath because it’s involuntary.

This is why we’re unable to make changes in our lives that are effective in the long term.

The problem with current approaches in Psychology and Fitness is that we’re not training like we play™.
Throughout our day, we use these three things at the same time.
Why not train them in the same manner?

This is why we developed the B3 Methodology™.

We train all three in a systematic way that ensures your Physiology, Psychology and Perspective change. Here’s the best part: our scientifically-tested methodology (99%+ efficacy) aligns all three (Brain, Body & Breath) in as little as 45-minutes.

Take your first steps towards starting to training like you play and see why we are the #1 Psychology-Fitness™ Experience (PFX)™ in the U.S.
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