How do I discover which program is right for me?

Each and every one of our one-on-one Psychology-Fitness™ Experiences is custom tailored to create a safe place while meeting you exactly where you are physically, mentally and emotionally which is why we offer a free 20-minute consulting call to see if you qualify for the program. If you’re interested in training one-on-one, please contact us at TakeAction@PSYFI.nyc

How can I get started?

The best way to get started for our one-on-one training is to contact us for free 20-minute consulting call to see if you qualify for the program. If you’re interested in training one-on-one, please contact us at TakeAction@PSYFI.nyc

What do you recommend for someone beginning their fitness journey?

First is to ask if you are more comfortable in a group training session or one-on-one. Next would be to see what your budget is as our group classes range from $10-20 while our one-on-one training ranges from $125-150. Learn more about our group classes and our One-On-One training

What are the requirements to participate in a PSYFI Experience?

At PSYFI, we are all about taking action, so our number one requirement is that you are ready and willing to step outside your comfort zone TODAY. If you are, we welcome you with open arms to join one of our customized Psychology-Fitness™ experiences.

Is a Psychology-Fitness™ Experience right for you?

A Psychology-Fitness™ Experience is right for you if you’d like to look, feel and perform better. If you want to save time and money not having to see multiple experts. If you could benefit from being more energized, more focused, more decisive while being held accountable. If you said YES to any of the above, come join us!

Is a Psychology-Fitness™ experience safe?

Each experience is built around action sports inspired fitness that takes you outside your comfort zone, so there is inherent risk involved in all Psychology-Fitness™ experiences. However, David has a wealth of experience, training, and certifications, to help ensure your safety is a priority. After all, one of our founding principles is to create a safe space for you physically, mentally and emotionally.

When are the PFX Classes held?

Our signature PFX class is held virtually every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm EST. Sign up
Our signature PFX class is held virtually every Monday’s at 6pm EST. Sign up

What can I expect during a Psychology-Fitness™ Experience?

Each one of our Psychology-Fitness™ Experiences are custom made to create a safe space and meet you wherever you are physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of this, each experience will be different but all of our experiences follow our PSYFI System™.
Learn more about what you can expect during each experience HERE

How do I contact you if I have more questions about Psychology-Fitness™ training?

We’d love to here from you so please email us at TakeAction@PSYFI.nyc

Can anyone participate in a PSYFI Psychology-Fitness™ Experience?

The resounding answer is YES! We work with people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities and athletic abilities. From 6 to 76, from first-timers to professional athletes, we develop a customized Experience to meet you exactly where you are today (one of our founding principles) while formulating a plan to get you where you want to go!

How does Psychology-Fitness™ alleviate stress?

Psychology-Fitness™ has been shown to reduce stress by increasing levels of norepinephrine and adrenaline, chemicals that helps balance our brains’ response to stress. It also boosts levels of dopamine and serotonin which help elevate mood. Aerobic exercise, like HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training), has also been linked to helping treat a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, anorexia, and addiction.

What effect does Psychology-Fitness™ have on the brain

“Psychology-Fitness™ takes spatial reasoning, body self-awareness, balance, and fine motor-control,” says Jack Gallant (Berkeley neuroscientist). This type of exercise is well known to stimulate the brain in a variety of other ways such as increasing the production of cells in hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning as well as boosting creativity for up to two hours afterwards. Brain, Body & Breath exercises, the kind that every Psychology-Fitness™ Experience entails also differentiates itself from other traditional exercises by being linked to what positive psychologists call “flow state,” which is a place where climbers enter a mindset that creates a sense of euphoria, timelessness and even blocks pain, according to Indiana University.

Is Psychology-Fitness™ good for emotional health?

Psychology-Fitness™ has a number of important characteristics that make it especially beneficial for the treatment of mood, namely that it helps boost self-efficacy, self confidence and neurotransmitter activation. “You have to be mindful and focused on the moment. It does not leave much room to let your mind wander on things that may be going on in your life — you have to focus,” says psychologist Eva-Maria Stelzer in her ground breaking research on action sports and mood enhancement. Your brain is also releasing key neurotransmitters that have positive effects on your brain like serotonin (mood enhancer), dopamine (feelings of pleasure), noradrenaline (increased focus), gaba (calming effect) and endorphins (pain regulation). Adding all these up equals elevated physical, mental and emotional health!

Will Psychology-Fitness™ increase longevity and quality of life?

Psychology-Fitness™ has been shown to reverse stress’s toll on our aging process at the cellular level, according to a 2010 study from the University of California.Additionally, living a life with longevity is not about being perfect. It’s about progressing beyond what you currently believe is possible. Just as you’ve learned limits from your family, culture, and life experiences, you can unlearn them these constraints are only temporary obstacles that you can learn to overcome. The sad thing is that we convince ourselves that the circumstances we’re in, the beliefs that we accepted and the path we are on is who we are and who we always will be. But there’s another choice. You can learn to expand your B3 (Brain Body & Breath), as well as your motivation and the methods that you know.

Will Psychology-Fitness™ help my memory and creativity?

A lot of people are scared of heights. Most of us are scared of falling. When you climb, you have to push these fears out of your head. It takes focus to be 40 feet high and pulling up on two fingers and balancing on your toes. You have to use that focus to breathe through the climb and push past your fears, increasing your self-efficacy. A study in the journal Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly concluded that after six weeks of climbing, self-efficacy improved dramatically.

Does Psychology-Fitness™ help conquer your fears?

In Psychology-Fitness™ fear is our friend. We teach you to alchemize fear (it’s not from what you think it is) into something that you can use instead of being used by it.A study in the journal Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly concluded that after six weeks of action sports inspired fitness, like rock climbing, self-efficacy (aka self-confidence) improved dramatically.In our Psychology-Fitness™ Experiences, we leverage the science of flow states in order to help accelerate your growth by using the fear you have now to get you to exactly where you want to be in the future.

How does Psychology-Fitness™ help you with your daily life?

We custom build each Psychology-Fitness™ Experience to parallel the challenges you encounter in your daily life. We then build a relatable theme around this challenge that is played out throughout the entire experience physically, mentally an emotionally.

Having trouble giving patience to a co-worker or family member? We’re going to work on a new skill so you learn patience with yourself first, because you can’t give what you don’t have!

Problems focusing on a task at work? Our training will center around taking one step at a time so you can focus like a sniper.

There is something very refreshing about the mental and physical challenges associated with Psychology-Fitness™ Training that compliments our daily life. This is why we train your Brain, Body & Breath (our B3 Methodology) as one, because you use them together in your daily life.

You need a combination of mental awareness, physical strength, dexterity, technique and a lot perseverance to succeed in life, both inside and outside the gym.

How is Psychology-Fitness™ different?

Psychology-Fitness™ is based on the fundamentals of Experiential Learning with 3 principles help accelerate the learning process.

  1. Accelerates Learning Experiential Learning methodology uses critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making to deliver a training module that works faster than traditional methods.
  2. Bridges the gap between theory and practice
    By moving beyond theory to the realm of “learning by doing,” you get a first-hand experience of practicing what has been taught. This plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas
  3. Produces Demonstrable Mindset Changes
    There are very few learning methods that can have a dramatic impact on the participant’s mindset. Experiential Learning is one of them. Management guru Henry Mintzberg pointed out long ago that, “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.”

How do I know this program will support me?

Our Psychology-Fitness™  training has roots in helping you feel safe and understood, knowing that when you feel both of these things (supported) you can accomplish anything. It’s also about meeting you where you are today while giving you the Mindset, Muscles, and Methods to get you where you want to go. Because we know the brain, we know that some of your biggest hurdles will be lack consistency, lack of motivation and lack of accountability. That’s why our revolutionary PsyFi System™  gives you the consistent support you need to succeed both inside and outside.
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You’re Not Alone!

Welcome to being a human in the 21st century.This is why I created PSYFI. I struggled, and sometimes still do, with all of this (see my story) and I was friends with a bunch of awesome men and women, just like you, who did as well. One day while surfing with a friend in California, I couldn’t take it anymore, witnessing the struggle as we tried the “other things” society told us would work.We tried working out, changing jobs, therapy, workshops, retreats, meditation, medication and of course sex, alcohol, and drugs.Nothing worked and we were frustrated.So, I created a patent-pending process that combines Action Sports inspired fitness with Psychology (PSYFI) that has helped professionals just like you and me, around the globe focus training their Brain, Body and Breath at the same time.