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Podcast with Theresa from Tee Time Podcast. This one goes DEEP!


Founder of Cliffhanger Academy David Mykel discusses his journey to figuring out how psychology and fitness can help rewire the brain.

Podcast with Jess Cording on Drama Free Living


Here are some key takeaways from my chat with David:

  •   We can use psychology to change our physiology. If your brain and body are connected, you can accomplish so much and alter the trajectory of your day (and life);
  •   The power of one percent is undeniable. Doing any one thing (or multiple things) 1% better than the previous time can lead to significant positive change in your life;
  •   Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone, so step outside of it;
  •   When it comes to life changes, sustainability is important. Meet yourself where you are and start from there;
  •   Healthy living is thriving, not just surviving in your health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality.

Ritz Fit Podcast Part 1

Part 1


Part 1 – David’s story

Part 2 – Live introductory coaching session with David featuring me 🙂

Who is David Mykel? 3:45

David becomes a Litigation Psychologist; he’s got it all – the six-figure job, the car, the money, and the big house… 5:19

David quits his job and moves to the mountains 9:13

David moves back to New York – does he get sucked back into Litigation Psychology? 14:52

How David fell into depression and how he dealt with it 17:00

The exact moment David realized he needed to create his own story 22:22

How to handle being fired from a well-paid job 24:27

Action sports begin to heal David 27:27

How David healed his friend along the way and how Cliffhanger Academy was born! 28:30

Ritz Fit Podcast Part 2

Part 2


Before you do anything please please please listen to Part 1, you won’t be pissed.

In Part 2 of Live Your Best Story:

David Mykel starts to peel back some of my own layers with some brutally tough questions.

At the time of the interview, I was far from healthy even though I spend most of my time in the health space.

You don’t want to miss this 😉