Muay Thai Workshop

Muay Thai for the Brain & Body Workshop in Greensboro, NC

Learn how to increase your focus, increase your fitness, be more productive AND get a great workout!

How do you know if it’s for you?

You realize that if you had more focus and more fitness, you would have the body you want, more energy, sleep better, make more money at a job you love AND have more meaningful long lasting relationships.

CliffHanger Academy’s is the #1 Psychology-Fitness™ Training Experience in the nation.

Our mission is to help you achieve peak physical, mental and emotional performance by training the Brain, Body, and Breath together through a workout focused on Psychology AND Fitness™

Not only will you learn how to overcome the mental aspects above, but you’ll also get an incredible workout and learn Muay Thai boxing punching combinations from David, who has fought and trained all over the world.

Listen to dozens of clients who LIVES HAVE CHANGED from training with us!

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What you can expect at our Psychology-Fitness™ Experience

– Muay Thai Fundamentals Training (Punches & Kicks)
– Brain Training (psychology & neuroscience to make you smarter)
– Customized Joint Articulation Warm-Up
– Positive Psychology training to Help You Connect with Yourself & Others
– Breath Work to teach you how to relax faster
– Guided Meditation to help you focus
– Actionable steps towards facing your biggest challenge NOW
– Awesome people to train with!


– Increased focus;
– Relieve stress;
– Increases cardiovascular conditioning;
– Enhanced flexibility;
– Increased mindfulness;
– Increased brain function;
– Increased sense of community;
– Increased self-discipline.

Because of the intimate nature of our experiences, we’re limiting this workshop to only twelve (12) people and are offering a first come, first served basis.

Package includes:

– Pre-session Psychology-Fitness™ intake to identify challenges/frustrations;

– Deep Dive strategy session with David (20 years practicing psychology);

– All training equipment;

– Customized joint articulation warm-up;

– 1.5 hours of In the Wild Muay Thai boxing with David (traditional Thai trained instructor);

– Breathwork training to help calm you down 35-50% faster;

– Guided Meditation to help you focus quickly and easily;

– Psychology-Fitness™ Debriefing to give you actionable steps towards overcoming your biggest frustrations in your Health, Wealth & Relationships NOW;

– Post-session evaluation questionnaire.

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