Our Mission

Welcome to CliffHanger Academy. I’m David, your head-coach, bringing you Into the Wild here at our headquarters in NYC. If you’ve made it to this page, then you’ve already taken the first step; congrats!

Our Mission

CliffHanger Academy’s mission is to help you look, feel & perform better all day, every day by training the Brain, Body, and Breath together through a workout focused on Psychology AND Fitness™

Think of having your own personal psychologist, personal trainer, life coach, breathwork coach, meditation coach and personal motivator and accountability partner all in one, but instead of having to wait months or even years for results, you get them in 75-minutes or less with a 98% effectiveness rate.

Our Services

CliffHanger Academy is a revolutionary, scientifically-proven Psychology-Fitness™ (Psy-Fi™) System that combines physical and mental training with meditation/breath-work to deliver results in as little as 45-minutes with a satisfaction rate of over 98%.

We do this by talking through current challenges in their Health, Wealth and/or Relationships and analyzing them with the latest research in Cognitive Behavioral and Positive Psychology. During this process, we develop a theme for our training Experience that draws a parallel between the sport and our student’s lives. We then take them through a customized sport-specific workout that pushes and enhances them mentally and physically while learning a new skill in this sport. Next, we calm their brains and bodies down using breathwork and guided meditation to help them gain more focus and clarity on their current challenges while taking advantage of their enhanced physical and mental state. Lastly, we design an action plan together with definable steps they can take this week towards overcoming that challenge.

This combination of coaching aligns the brain, the body and the breath in a way that allows you more clarity and focuses on what’s really important in your life and how to take simple steps towards making lasting change.

No other program in the country combines all these elements in the way we do.

We guarantee results or your money back*

That’s the CliffHanger Academy difference.

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Whistler, British Columbia, Canada