The PFX Experience™

The PFX Experience™: Brain, Body & Breath™ Training

A Revolutionary Group Fitness class that combines psychology and neuroscience training with a HIIT workout, accountability training and breath-work and meditation.

Train your brain, body and breath at the same time and leave focused and calm, energized and relaxed.

Seems almost impossible to get all this in one class, right?

It is until you experience The PFX!

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What to Expect:

– 60-Minute HIIT inspired Full Body Workout to make you stronger
– Brain Training (psychology & neuroscience to make you smarter)
– Balance & Hand-Eye Coordination
– Partner work to build community
– Full Body Flexibility, especially your hips, shoulders and legs (sit much?!)
– Breath Work to teach you how to relax
– Guided Meditation 
– Mobility/Flexibility cool down
– Aromatherapy
– Awesome people to train with!


Coming out of this class, both you’re brain AND body will feel great!

Want to sign-up or have any other questions about our Psychology-Fitness™ Experiences?
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