Rock climbing in the Shawanagunks Mountains in New Paltz, NY with Mike, Marines Lance Corporal

In the military, it’s crucial to be surrounded by those you trust. After spending time with fellow, like-minded individuals, you begin to develop a commardiere, where you trust them and they trust you.

When we’re with people we trust, we’re more willing to take risks, more willing to experiment (which includes failure), we’re more willing to explore and go where no one has gone before, with the confidence that if we fail, if we fall, that those who we trust, those in our community, who have our backs, will pick us up when we fail, will help us when we’re hurt.

A community is based on what you believe. Whether you believe you can or you can’t. Whether you believe you are destined for more or you’re not. Whether you believe that you can transform your life or you can’t.

That’s why CliffHanger Academy created our In the Wild Veteran’s Program: we want to build a community of like-mind experiential learners, who can expand their minds and bodies together, and then have one another’s back In the Wild.

Being born on veteran’s day, I feel a duty to serve these warriors. Having numerous family in the military, working with and speaking to many veterans, I’ve noticed that many of them struggle to maintain this delicate balance. After having the honor to work with veteran’s In the Wild, I can now reliably say that our Experiences DO help and make a BIG difference.

Mike S. US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal

“David Mykel has been a key person in improving my life. Whenever I found myself having a bad day, I could always count on receiving either a text message or an email containing something to help me put aside thoughts creating a negative personal environment, throw on my try hard pants, and try to make the best of my day.
Unfortunately, due to other factors in my life, I found myself completely letting go of my physical capabilities, forming bad habits, in turn causing negative self-loathing emotions, then followed by a lack of desire to stop the diminishing physical abilities. I lived my life like that for quite a while before I decided to do something about it. That is when David’s moral support and guidance really became an invaluable key to success. David was immediately available to provide moral support and incredible advice to turn my body and mind to what it is today. I was able to get rid of bad habits and transform my body and mental outlook into what it is today. I am 30 years old and in four and a half months I was able to drop 70lbs, and am in better shape today than I was at 19 years old as an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps. None of this was done with any unhealthy food deprivation, pills, or any other nonsense that I constantly see marketed to the average consumer. It was accomplished by turning every aspect of my life around, all at once, and without hesitation. I do not believe that without having David as an essential support, would I have been as successful as I was. I am greatly looking forward to crushing routes on the rock in 2016, and whatever other adventures life puts in front of me with David.”

To me, this is what’s it’s all about: giving back to those who sacrifice so much for us. I know that my efforts fail in comparison to what these brave, heroic and stoic individuals sacrificed for me, but my goal is to continue paying back each and every day so that they truly understand how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate their service, their commitment, and their sacrifice.

3-day immersive workshop with James, Army Specialist.

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Muay Thai training in NYC with Jeff, Army Sargeant

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