When we’re with people we trust, we’re more willing to take risks, more willing to experiment, which includes failure.

We’re more willing to explore and go where no one has gone before, with the confidence that if we fail, that those who we trust, those in our community, who have our backs.

That if we fall, they will pick us up when we fail, will help us when we’re hurt.



 Muay Thai Camp in Connecticut


Here’s what some of our past In the Wild workshop students had to say:

Tom O.
Lieutenant FDNY

“I participated in David’s In the Wild Muay Thai experience and was not disappointed. Initially, I was skeptical about the whole thing but David far exceeded my expectations. My reason for attending this session was simply to get out of a rut. I needed to change something, get out of my comfort zone and out of my head for a little while, and that’s exactly what David helped me do.


Will S.
Certified Energy Healer & Life Coach
“The first thing you notice about David is his heartfelt presence. From the first handshake to the session wrap-up, continuing into his thoughtful follow-up, you know that this man has your back 100%. He deeply cares. And he’s very effective.


Our survival depends on the community and being surrounded by those we can trust. We’re no good alone.

Rewind a couple hundred thousand years ago when our ancestors had to defend against saber-toothed tigers. If one person was sent to defend and battle this beast, you or I would most likely not be reading this. Thankfully, our ancestors did this in groups, in a community where they had one another’s back.

The reason we’re so great in groups is that each one of us has his/her own strength and weaknesses. In a community, the goal isn’t to fix our weaknesses, but rather amplify our strengths and surround yourself with others who are strong where we are weak.


Snowboarding in the British Columbia backcountry


A community is based on what you believe. Whether you believe you can or you can’t. Whether you believe you are destined for more or you’re not. Whether you believe that you can transform your life or you can’t, you’re right, which is why you need others to be there to remind you of how awesome you are.

That’s why CliffHanger Academy created our In the Wild Workshops: we want to build a community of like-mind experiential learners, who can expand their minds and bodies together, and then have one another’s back In the Wild.



Surfing in South Africa


Together, we will learn that we can overcome our fears of leaving our comfort zone behind. Supporting one another, we will realize that we ARE so much more confident, courageous and prone to action than we ever thought. Side-by-side, we’ll realize that we are not islands, aimlessly floating around in the world, alone and with no one that understands what we are going through.


This is what a CliffHanger Academy In the Wild workshop is all about.




“Working with David transcends the gym. His guidance begins in the heart and infiltrates the mind. In turn, this momentum invigorates the body. By way of this approach, David has adapted his approach to strength and endurance to accommodate my struggles with a chronic illness. By combining an insistence on the breath, faith, and his ability to listen and observe my needs, David has helped to transform my identity from one of degeneration and sickness to one of power and progress. He sticks with me through thick and thin and challenges me in ways that prompt growth. It is through this dedication and compassion that David’s positive energy and guidance holds a presence in all aspects of my life.”




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