How to Realize You Are Enough in a World That Doesn’t Want You to Feel That Way – Psychology-Fitness™ Lab Podcast by CliffHanger Academy

The Psychology-Fitness ™ Lab Podcast Cover Art
The Psychology-Fitness ™ Lab Podcast 


In today’s Psychology-Fitness™ lab podcast another psychologist who’s also a fitness freak (David Orcini) and I unpack one of the biggest problems that most of us face daily: thinking we are not enough.

You may be thinking “I don’t believe that,” but let me ask if you ever thought this: I wish I was fitter, skinner, richer, prettier, more handsome…

If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, this podcast is for you!

The Psychology-Fitness™ Lab podcast is all about bringing you the Mindset, Muscles, and Methods of how to use Psychology-Fitness™ so you can Look, Feel and Perform better all day, every day!